Carbon Reduction

Reducing harmful carbon dioxide emissions is of great importance to us and we are aware of the need to reduce our carbon footprint where possible to help reduce the threat of climate change.

Our goals are to:

  • Become more energy efficient (ISO 14001)
  • To help us achieve our goals we have put in place 8 no-nonsense commitments that guides our actions and help us work towards our goal of becoming a more sustainable company.
  • To achieve our ISO14001 environmental certification by the end of 2011
  • To work with our suppliers to reduce the level of packaging in the supply chain.
  • To proactively support the development with our clients of more sustainable product/designs.
  • To reduce our CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain.
  • To minimise waste to landfill.
  • To reduce waste produced by all of our activities.
  • To invest in our people through training and development.
  • To work with both suppliers and customers to increase supply chain efficiency.
  • Minimise the impact of our transport fleet.
  • Reduce unnecessary waste (see waste management)

Being energy efficient (ISO 14001).

With the introduction of our accredited ISO 14001 environmental management system we will be embarking in putting in place an effective Environmental Management System.

It is designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact with the commitment of our entire organisation, it will enable us to achieve our objectives in a timely fashion.

Minimising the impact of our transport fleet.

With our new fleet of Euro V Compliant Renault vans with radically lower CO2 emissions (Eco2 indicates that the vehicle produces CO2 emissions lower than 195 g/km). They also include at least 5% recycled plastic in their plastic mass, and has been designed in such a way that 95% of the materials used could have a second life.

As a company we are effectively reducing the carbon foot print of every vehicle in our fleet.

Sourcing materials locally also reduces transportation to our sites.

Waste Management

We recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment and we are committed to improve our environmental performance and minimise the harmful effects through caring policies and effective management.

Regular liaison with the board of directors ensures that the company is informed of any changes to procedures and legislation. This is also disseminated to our Project Managers, Site Managers and Operations Teams.

Download our Environmental Policy Statement here.

Download our Sustainable Procurement Policy here.

Download our Waste Recycling Reports here.